Thought Music from Audio Dregs Recordings

Thought Music from Audio Dregs Recordings

Dear Listeners,

I have heard from several people who have said they enjoy Podington Bear music when they want to let their mind wander. Or wonder, as the case may be. I thought you might like to know what I like to listen to when I want to drift, daydream, and bum about. These are all melodic, instrumental albums that never call too much attention to themselves…while never being boring. This is ageless music that would appeal to the babies and grand-folks alike. Audio Dregs Recordings is based in Portland, Or, and features a diverse roster of mostly electronic artists scattered throughout the world. These albums are highly recommended.



E*vax – Parking Lot Music

File under instant classic. E*Vax is Evan Mast, who went on to form Ratatat with Mike Stroud. This album was released in 2000 and made on one of the simplest digital-recording applications ever, yet it sounds cutting-edge today. The melodies are timeless and enchanting. Though busy with Ratatat in the last few years, E*Vax has amassed a backlog of material, releasing only one song on the Internet as a teaser (“Ferraro”, You can hear it on his MySpace page) since then. A sophomore release is said to be not far off on the horizon.

E*vax – “Contra Costa”
(courtesy of Audio Dregs Recordings)
E-Vax - Parking Lot Music



Lullatone- Little Songs About Raindrops

A case where the band name invokes the music, and the album title summarizes the content. This could also be described as John Cage scores The Little Prince. Shawn James, now residing in Japan, works with a palette of chime and bell sounds, occasionally weaving in subtle, wordless, vocal layers. Arpeggios sound quantized and almost algorithmic, but the tonality is very human. The melodies are complex, mesmerizing and abstract. Very few whole notes here, and pads are barely audible. Raindrops indeed.

Lullatone – “Make This Sound”
(courtesy of Audio Dregs Recordings)
Lullatone - Little Songs About Raindrops



Carpet Musics – Weekday

This may be the Sleepytime Tea of the bunch, but there’s enough undercurrent of sound to engage the daydreamer. Sine waves and granulated washes provide sweet melodies. A side-project of label proprietor and brother of E*vax, Eric Mast, aka E*rock.

Carpet Musics – “Sleeping On Trains”
(courtesy of Audio Dregs Recordings)
Carpet Musics - Weekday



Melodium – Anaemia

From Nantes France, Melodium impresario Laurent Girard makes music to move the muse. Girard prefers a palette of textures that would fit right in with the well branded Morr Music crowd from neighboring Germany, and the melodies tend to be more brooding than the fore-mentioned.

Melodium – “Felt Felt”
(courtesy of Audio Dregs Recordings)

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