This Just In: “Robots can convey the soul-sick pathos of grieving poets.” & The Month Liquid Gold

This Just In: “Robots can convey the soul-sick pathos of grieving poets.” & The Month Liquid Gold

From NPR’s Song Of The Day feature, one of the nicest paragraphs to surface about Yours Truly:

“Podington Bear may be heavily indebted to the Aphex Twins and Brian Enos of the world, but he or she shares their ability to inject heart into a genre that can be icy and clinical by nature. “Fantasy and Denouement” pings and plinks and whirs and clatters like a toy machine, but it’s also made with the understanding that, when programmed correctly, robots can convey the soul-sick pathos of grieving poets.”

Thanks Mister Thompson!

Let’s see, what else:

Stack DJ is the self appointed Podington Bear remix shadow. He’s turned in three remixes so far, under the name Stackington DJ. He’s set up a MySpace page for your perusal. Says, the DJ: “I have therefore made it my quest to keep up with the bear. Check back right after a podington track is released to hear the remix.” Good luck Stackington DJ!

From the lesser-known’s advocate extraordinaire Aurgasm:

“Podington Bear delights ears in crafting accessible and dynamic dream pop… Typically, such prolificacy would indicate the songs must be subpar, but Bear surprised my expectations. ”

This just in from George Howard’s 96iantSteps:

“I’ve been listening all morning, and I haven’t hit anything that remotely resembles a clunker yet. I love the music, I love the concept, and I think it really speaks to emergent models. Podington Bear is building a community around his music, and while the economic driver might not be obvious, he mentions he is amenable to his music being used in film and ads. I can see this happening.”

Mr. Howard’s blog is devoted to discussing ways in which artists “can more productively and efficiently get their music heard”. His comments are the first I’ve read that take time to consider this bear’s podcast as an evolving business model.

And The Music Lovers Monthly says:

“Despite the rigorous schedule put upon himself, P Bear’s songs don’t sound rushed. While the compositions are relatively simple, they’re also highy layered with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Some are bouncy, feel good distractions. Others are slow, calming, and reflective.”

Finally, from across the sea, translated to Google-English, we have the perfect album title for the songs of February:

“By your simply the bear you do because…. It is loose, comment and the appearance with contrarily, The month liquid gold and every week new tune with 3 tune pod casts The diligent electronic bear which it has transmitted. Sound is loose the calling feeling. It is softened.”

The Month Liquid Gold

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  • Paul Irish

    02/26/2007 at 6:26 pm

    Definitely nice words all around and well deserved. (And the site is now loading fine for me!) Cheers

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