The Haps.

The Haps.

Hello Folks.

Just thought I’d update you on a few developments.

1. On Comments: The P Bear blog was getting overwhelmed with spam. Ug! I don’t care for it much. So to leave a comment you have to register now. (That might be contributing to the quiet spell, of late.)  I do enjoy all the comments readers / listeners have left in the past, so I hope this won’t deter you if you are so motivated. I’m not an avid comment maker myself, so I understand if that’s not your style of participation. I also wanted to thank all those who have dropped a line via email. The encouragement really does keep me going! My skills are limited, so I do have to work to get the songs done for y’all.


2. On The Box Set: The box set is scheduled to ship next week. The CDs have arrived and are just awaiting the boxes from the printer. They sound and look swell! Originally available at $39.99 to the first 50 customers, I’ve decided to open the floodgates and set the price there indefinitely! Also, in keeping, I’ve reduced the pay as you go rate to $4.49 for 10 months. I want to give people little excuxe not to own my music in it’s finest form. I also want to delight people with something to look forward to in the postbox.

3. On Digital: The first four collections are widely available through digital retailers, with the most recent addition being “Haplessly Happy”. iTunes has exclusive bonus tracks and $7.99 pricing. If you have enjoyed P Bear music for free I ask only that you consider leaving a customer review on the newer iTunes releases, so that the music keeps getting discovered. You’re all I’ve got.

Truly, P Bear


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Liquid Gold


Meet Poodingotn Bear


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    05/27/2007 at 8:15 pm

    I did it.

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    02/27/2008 at 9:17 pm

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    Greetings from Europe. Good blog….

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    07/13/2009 at 3:25 pm


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