The Haps.

The Haps.

Hello Folks.

Just thought I’d update you on a few developments.

1. On Comments: The P Bear blog was getting overwhelmed with spam Buy movies download amazon. Ug! I don’t care for it much. So to leave a comment you have to register now. (That might be contributing to the quiet spell, of late.)  I do enjoy all the comments readers / listeners have left in the past, so I hope this won’t deter you if you are so motivated I’m not an avid comment maker myself, so I understand if that’s not your style of participation. I also wanted to thank all those who have dropped a line via email acrobat reader free windows 7. The encouragement really does keep me going! My skills are limited, so I do have to work to get the songs done for y’all.


2 herunterladen. On The Box Set: The box set is scheduled to ship next week. The CDs have arrived and are just awaiting the boxes from the printer. They sound and look swell gratis playlist downloaden youtube! Originally available at $39.99 to the first 50 customers, I’ve decided to open the floodgates and set the price there indefinitely play music herunterladen! Also, in keeping, I’ve reduced the pay as you go rate to $4.49 for 10 months. I want to give people little excuxe not to own my music in it’s finest form lego city undercover 2 kostenlos herunterladen. I also want to delight people with something to look forward to in the postbox.

3. On Digital: The first four collections are widely available through digital retailers, with the most recent addition being “Haplessly Happy” maxon cinema 4d kostenlos downloaden. iTunes has exclusive bonus tracks and $7.99 pricing. If you have enjoyed P Bear music for free I ask only that you consider leaving a customer review on the newer iTunes releases, so that the music keeps getting discovered dropbox zum herunterladen freigeben. You’re all I’ve got.

Truly, P Bear


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    I did it.

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    music boxes…

    Greetings from Europe. Good blog….

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