The Ballad Of Zack McCune – An RIAA lawsuit tale.

The Ballad Of Zack McCune – An RIAA lawsuit tale.

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Something nice in the inbox today: A video series making good use of my music and the Non Commercial Creative Commons license I offer to all, on a topic I find very engaging herunterladen.

In April of last year, Zack McCune was sued by the RIAA. He ended up $3,000 lighter (he settled), but with a much richer understanding of the contemporary debate surrounding music, copyright law, and file sharing iphone download all apps. Part I gives an intro to his story, while Part II explores the disconnect between young downloaders and the recording industry my cloud ganzen ordner herunterladen. Part III, presented here, concludes Zack’s misadventure and examines where it led him: to the Free Culture Movement, which advocates more flexible intellectual property law safari voor windows downloaden.

This video was produced by Nikki Leon and John Randall. You can watch a high-resolution version here pivot animatoren.

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