A “Best New Podcast of 2007” selection.


“If you make music yourself, you’ll probably either feel inspired by or grow jealous of Podington Bear…I gave a listen, and the songs are not bad — inventive, not-in-your-face instrumental music that reminded me a bit of early-ish Mum.” -WIRED


“Podington Bear may be heavily indebted to the Aphex Twins and Brian Enos of the world, but he or she shares their ability to inject heart into a genre that can be icy and clinical by nature. “Fantasy and Denouement” pings and plinks and whirs and clatters like a toy machine, but it’s also made with the understanding that, when programmed correctly, robots can convey the soul-sick pathos of grieving poets.” – Stephen Thompson, NPR Song of The Day

“Whirs, buzzes, shimmies and clicks like music for an airport walkway in the future.” – Deborah Amos, NPR Morning Edition


“Like the friendly cartoon bear his name suggests, Podington is simply a playful artist.” – Jennifer Hollet, The Globe & Mail


“Highly recommended, especially for fans of bands like Tunng or the Octopus Project” -Gorilla Vs. Bear


“Podington Bear delights ears in crafting accessible and dynamic dream pop. Podington is a bear from Portland, Oregon. A bear who makes a new song for every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Typically, such prolificacy would indicate the songs must be subpar, but Bear surprised my expectations. -Aurgasm

“I love the music, I love the concept, and I think it really speaks to emergent models. ” – George Howard, former RYKO exec, music writer and producer.

“Looking for some music to just let your thoughts wander wherever they may go? …Simple, ambient instrumental tracks provide a beautiful background…that never comes off overbearing or distracting. The music and rate at which Podington Bear is pumping out the tunes, put’s him in contention for the ‘hardest working man in showbiz’ title.” –Muzzle Of Bees

“Here’s the kicker…this stuff is good. Very good as a matter of fact. Not much is known about this mysterious character…” -Kinky Origami

“Considering he’s gotten through January without a bad song yet, I’m quite impressed.”-The Pelican’s Perch

“The cutest thing to ever happen to your iPod.” -The Money Shot

“I’m sure many of you will dismiss this as overly cutesy or twee before you hear a note. But if you give it a listen I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” -Gorilla Vs. Bear

“I am not making this up, bears are using the internet and creating music…The music is good…a mix of organic and electronic instruments that reminds me of Aphex Twin in his quieter moments.” -Your Standard Life

“Talk about an ambitious project. It will be interesting to check back in come March, or July, or October to see if it is still going strong.” -Yewknee

“Take a listen to his music. Sometimes dark, other times extraordinarily lighthearted. The songs are all mostly twee pop-esque, but have an innocence and an ambient air to them” – Tiny Tiny Reviews

“I am instantly hooked. Go and listen for yourself. It’s free, so what have you got to lose?” – Sanguinary Blue