Podington Bear on Twitter and everywhere else.

Podington Bear on Twitter and everywhere else.

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I know, I know.  Not long after premiering a song called “Twitterflated” and remarking I wasn’t convinced of the relevance of Twitter [speaking for myself] I’m now trying in earnest to adopt it into my digital life.  And I have to admit, it’s kind of weirded me out these first few days.  Nonetheless I’ve got Tweetdeck fired up, I’m following a few friends and I’ll be tweeting the moment new podcasts go up, and incidentally, if inspired.  “Follow me”–I feel really stupid writing that–at @podington_bear (Yes, once again I’m late to the party and have to resort to the underscore).

And psst: There’s a boss song (seriously, I’ve been saving it for something special) on my Facebook Page. Be a pal and consider becoming a fan!

Find other facets of my digital life at:

chadcrouch.com (visual)

soundofpicture.com (The instrumental alter ego to P Bear: short, moody and adventurous compositions)

hushrecords.com (this is the label I have run for over a decade.  You can buy the BOX SET here (10 CDs), or download various P Bear albums free/$upport)

podingtonbear.bandcamp.com (bandcamp page: just an alternative method of downloading albums, allows 128K mp3 totally free downloads, and higher quality for $upport.)

chadcrouch.bandcamp.com (bandcamp page for SoP: you will find Vol 1-4 including Satie & Ambient. Download up to lossless quality for free/$upport)

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