P. Bear’s Hit Parade – A Special Top 40 Episode

P. Bear’s Hit Parade – A Special Top 40 Episode

On July 24th Yours Truly will have released 100 songs (including the bonus tracks available on CD and iTunes–see song index) in this calendar year!

Over the weekend I took some time to select my own top 40 from the first six months/albums. I didn’t think too hard about it. I’m sure if I did it again I would favor a few others over what’s here. Anyway, I made a 46 minute memoir mix for an enhanced podcast episode. Incidentally, there are four bonus tracks which made the cut (the last two have not yet been released–a little teaser for the hard-core fans, I guess).

I hope that if you enjoy this you won’t hesitate to support me with a purchase from the shop or iTunes. (I take special joy in mailing out the box sets, personally.)

Download in iTunes here.

The Hit Parade Tracklist (what do you think I missed?):

Wonder Happens
Elephants On Parade
Frogs In Tuxes
Fantasy & Denoument
Wavy Glass
Caterpillar Brigade
Thee Horse Song
Steppin In
Sunset Stroll Into The Woods
Clouds Rain Sun
The Speed Of Life
Le Monstre
Thought Bubbles
Kitty In The Window
Chainlink Melody
Scrubbing Bubbles
Sunday Morning
Get Happy Now
Yip Yop
Dim Dim
The Album Leaf
Blur & Coalesce
Floating Up From The Cubicle
The Beach
Re: Joyce
Bass of Hearts
The Hump
Into The Unknown

*note: On the afternoon of Sunday the 15th the iTunes app would crash when trying to download an iteration of this file. It was a bizarre phenomenon that was tricky to troubleshoot. I temporarily removed this post, but everything seems smooth now. Go figure. I plan on letting Apple know about it, for what it’s worth.

  • White Rabbit Mike

    07/17/2007 at 8:42 pm

    hehe, wow, 6 of my top ten were iny our list. kinda spaced out there,but, on the list nonetheless.

    The Speed Of Life
    Le Monstre

    heh, well, just commenting. have fun and all that.

  • Sasser

    08/09/2010 at 2:43 pm

    Idea shaking, I support.

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