P Bear Update Bits

P Bear Update Bits


Just a few announcements.

1. One of my fave vlogs, Rocketboom, recently used one like half a dozen of my tunes as a soundbeds for their recent episodes. That Joanne is a charmer. Have a look.

2. I’ve just heard that P Bear songs are confirmed for the first four episodes of This American Life Season Two. They will be having a theatrical premiere in several cities. Here’s a trailer

3. HUSH Records will not only be releasing The End –the final installment from P Bear for the box set collection–but the box set itself in stores on June 24th. That’s the cover up yonder.

4. I’m counting down to posted song #149 as my finish line. (Adding the seven songs from The End brings the total to that magic 156. [52 weeks x 3 songs a week = 156]) That leaves only five more after today! (Sorry if some of you thought “Drunken Bees” was kind of a dud. I thought it was funny.)

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