Out Of Hibernations with Season 3

Out Of Hibernations with Season 3

The kids are back to school, the TV networks are premiering their fall lineups, and the leaves are starting to change.  And so it goes, Podington Bear has put his paw in the ring with a podcast format change that would seem to say, if you can’t beat them, join ‘em.  The bear–who savvy readers may know is actually typing this–debuted with a podcast format that consisted of one song per episode and over the past couple years racked up about 190 such episodes.  No voiceovers, no ads, no jingles.

Well bring on the jingles, because it’s time for The Podington Bear Show:  the radio DJ style show where P Bear  makes it up as he goes, sharing some of his latest tracks/compositions/ditties in a a 20-30 minute mix, every Friday.

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