New P Bear Podcast: Sound of Picture!

New P Bear Podcast: Sound of Picture!


Hello friends,

Please turn your attention to a completely new music outlet for me:

Sound of Picture Blog

Sound of Picture Podcast (iTunes – click subscribe)

The simple idea of Sound of Picture is to pair an original short composition with an original photograph in the hope that they enhance each other. The second idea is that this will inspire people to make their own pairings with this music (in animations, YouTube videos, podcasts, films, slideshows, and so forth.)

Sound of Picture posts may be more experimental, atmospheric, abstract, brief, and simple than the tunes that I have made for the Modern Music Grower podcast. Nonetheless, I think you will find they make a satisfying, if different, playlist. If you like what you hear, I beg of you to leave a comment on iTunes, so it doesn’t look so sparse up in there.

I previously reported that there are only 5 more songs to go til I get to the ‘finish line’ for my Modern Music Grower podcast goal. Lots of people have asked if I’m retiring after that and I’ve thought of various options. In all honesty I can’t imagine not making new P Bear songs in a similar mold. So, yes, the show will go on, but the frequency of updates is completely without guarantee (as it has been for a wee bit now)

Lastly, I did my first phone interview. Basically I just ramble, and the audio quality does a pretty good job of masking my voice, but if you’re curious you can listen in at


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  • Ali S.

    05/10/2008 at 10:58 pm

    Dear Mr. Bear,

    I just want to say I’ve been a big fan of yours and have been subscribed to your “Modern Music Grower” feed on iTunes for a good while. And I’ve introduced my girlfriend to it and she’s just gone head over heels over your work. We both subscribed to the new “Sound of Picture” as well! Keep up the awesome work, oh, and thank you from the both of us for the “Make-Out Music: Album #10 Mix” it’s a ton of fun to…you know. 😉

    Cheers and salutations!

    Ali S.

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