Season Two Begins.

Season Two Begins.

Podington Bear is back! Starting today, a new surprising season of Podington Bear begins. New songs will be posted every Friday.  These songs will be collected and issued logically as albums, for which preview mixes will be added to the podcast stream indefinitely.  (Like albums #1-13 presently.)

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Sound of Picture Vol 1 now available in the HUSHshop for free/donation! Just click over to HUSH Records for the first edition of Sound of Picture in convenient zip album form.  Then reveal your album art window in iTunes to see each of 20 photos corresponding to the instrumental tracks.

Get it here.

  • Ryan

    11/05/2008 at 2:11 pm

    It appears that the RSS feed is not working properly… at least not for me on a mac using Firefox or Safari. Anyone else having problems with the RSS feed?

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