Interview, Miscellaneous Milestones & Updates.

Interview, Miscellaneous Milestones & Updates.

Hello folks,

Just a brief post to let you all know I’m finally getting my head back in the game.  Expect some new music and podcasts soon.

Of note:

• I recently did an interview for the site Vox Electro. Read the interview here.

• There’s a sale going on at hush Find the lowest price ever on my Box Set.

• I recently uploaded the entire Sound Of Picture production Library to Bandcamp, with a few new collections: DuetsMarimba, Vibrophone, Chimes & Bells, and Solo Instruments.  These songs are performed very naturally, so the tempos breathe.  Great for videography. And now it’s all downloadable for free in CD quality or your favorite file type!  To see some video work that caught my eye and incorporates my music, head over to and click on any of the portfolio categories.  Here’s one that I thought was stunning:

It opens with my track “Corridor”
• Earlier this year I broke the one million download milestone at!  I’m sure this had a lot to do with the encouraging response to my new Sound of Picture License Shop.  In the last six months I’ve sold over 200 licenses directly to producers.  Thanks FMA, and thanks shop customers!  I’ll be making improvements to the site and the collection in the coming month!

Lastly, I’d like to thank This Americans Life for continuing to introducing my music to their listening audience.  Unfortunately they don’t provide programming notes, so for those who might be searching Google, here’s where my songs can be heard from a few recent show episodes

513: 129 Cars at 107:25 “Vibe Drive”

509: It Says So Right Here at 58:41 “Filaments”

507: Confessions at 31:19 “Dry Air”

503: I Was Just Trying To Help at 4:50 “Vibe Drive”, 22:50 “Happiness Is”, 29:50 “Proliferate”

504: How I Got Into College at 8:45 “Filaments”

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