Even Hyena

Even Hyena


I really like “Toboggan” from Feb 2. Is there anything to be known about Even Hyena?


What can I say about Even Hyena? He’s an amiable sort with a big smile. He’s got a memory like an elephant and heart as big as a pomegranite. He’s a good listener and he knows a thing or two about ABCDEFG, let me tell you. He even knows what the black keys are for. Yessiree. He’s plays a mean, melodic bass guitar and before too long you’ll surely hear his low stringy notions enhancing one of this bear’s tunes.

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  • Even Hyena

    02/07/2007 at 9:00 pm

    Thanks a bunch Podz. Shall we meet at the cave by the bridge tomorrow for some jams?

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