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“Toast” soundtrack featuring P Bear

I must say that I was extremely delighted to when I got an email a few weeks ago from Joey Connolley alerting me to the Creative Commons license use of my music for his incredibly charming film Toast, written, shot & edited in 36 hours. Have a look.

Toast from Joey Connolley on Vimeo.

It’s no wonder this took 1st Place in the fest, as well as “Crowd Favorite”. Joey and Co will be submitting the film to other festivals, and he asked if I would agree to sync rights for this, as it takes the project into more comercial waters. (For the record, I grant festival licenses freely to all filmakers.)

For more on Creative Commons and using my music please check out this Creative Commons blog post by Cameron Parkins on my other musical outlet Sound of Picture.

Best of luck Mr. Connolley!

Season Two Begins.

Podington Bear is back! Starting today, a new surprising season of Podington Bear begins. New songs will be posted every Friday.  These songs will be collected and issued logically as albums, for which preview mixes will be added to the podcast stream indefinitely.  (Like albums #1-13 presently.)

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Sound of Picture Vol 1 now available in the HUSHshop for free/donation! Just click over to HUSH Records for the first edition of Sound of Picture in convenient zip album form.  Then reveal your album art window in iTunes to see each of 20 photos corresponding to the instrumental tracks.

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The Ballad Of Zack McCune – An RIAA lawsuit tale.

Hello folks,

Something nice in the inbox today: A video series making good use of my music and the Non Commercial Creative Commons license I offer to all, on a topic I find very engaging.

In April of last year, Zack McCune was sued by the RIAA. He ended up $3,000 lighter (he settled), but with a much richer understanding of the contemporary debate surrounding music, copyright law, and file sharing. Part I gives an intro to his story, while Part II explores the disconnect between young downloaders and the recording industry. Part III, presented here, concludes Zack’s misadventure and examines where it led him: to the Free Culture Movement, which advocates more flexible intellectual property law.

This video was produced by Nikki Leon and John Randall. You can watch a high-resolution version here.

On NPR’s “All Songs Considered”

The track “Elephants on Parade”–clearly an early favorite–was played on the latest edition of All Songs Considered.  Said host Robin Hilton, “This past year the staff of NPRmusic fell in love with the playful songs of electronic artist Podington Bear.” This tune can be found on Meet Podington Bear, available as the first of 10 CDs in The Box Set, for download via HUSH, or iTunes.

A long sample:

“Elephants on Parade”

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