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I know, I know.  Not long after premiering a song called “Twitterflated” and remarking I wasn’t convinced of the relevance of Twitter [speaking for myself] I’m now trying in earnest to adopt it into my digital life.  And I have to admit, it’s kind of weirded me out these first few days.  Nonetheless I’ve got Tweetdeck fired up, I’m following a few friends and I’ll be tweeting the moment new podcasts go up, and incidentally, if inspired.  “Follow me”–I feel really stupid writing that–at @podington_bear (Yes, once again I’m late to the party and have to resort to the underscore).

And psst: There’s a boss song (seriously, I’ve been saving it for something special) on my Facebook Page. Be a pal and consider becoming a fan!

Find other facets of my digital life at: (visual) (The instrumental alter ego to P Bear: short, moody and adventurous compositions) (this is the label I have run for over a decade.  You can buy the BOX SET here (10 CDs), or download various P Bear albums free/$upport) (bandcamp page: just an alternative method of downloading albums, allows 128K mp3 totally free downloads, and higher quality for $upport.) (bandcamp page for SoP: you will find Vol 1-4 including Satie & Ambient. Download up to lossless quality for free/$upport)

The Box Set ON SALE

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The definitive Podington Bear collection includes 10 CDs, 135 songs, and over 8 hours of music. Podington Bear is a modern music internet phenomenon. Profiled on NPR, Wired, heaps of blogs, and selected as a Best of 2007 podcast by the iTunes Music Store, P. Bear’s original method of music delivery has reached listeners far and wide. He serves up thousands of songs every day via his podcast on iTunes, cycling through the parade of music now contained in The Box Set. The music itself is 100% instrumental, inventive, delightful, and accessible. The sonic palate varies widely, juxtaposing acoustic instrumentation with synthesized and distorted sounds. The songs are constructed of simple melodies that mutate modally with surprising twists of composition. Touchstones would be Hot Chip, Björk, The Album Leaf, or early Múm. Little is known about this character except that he lives in Portland and prefers to work anonymously. This body of work is represented uniformly by a simple line drawing of a bear, invoking a legacy and an ethos that surrounds the music. It is a collection that works in the foreground or the back.
Features two small booklets and 10 CDs with 135 songs. Currently shipping complete with 135 tracks on 10 discs. Hooray!

Podcast: Now With Or Without Jabber

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no candidate for pro radio host (even in the trademark casual style of Ira Glass), so you’ll have to bear with me as I begin to refine my narrative skills.  Having been a recluse for so long it’s nice to open up a little, but I’m also aware I’m on a slippery slope toward detracting from my music.

The solution? Two versions of each podcast episode.  Borrowing yet again from TV/DVD formatting (as with ‘seasons’) one version will feature commentary (good for context and illumination) and one will feature only the music (good for repeat listens).

(I hope.)

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Out Of Hibernations with Season 3

The kids are back to school, the TV networks are premiering their fall lineups, and the leaves are starting to change.  And so it goes, Podington Bear has put his paw in the ring with a podcast format change that would seem to say, if you can’t beat them, join ‘em.  The bear–who savvy readers may know is actually typing this–debuted with a podcast format that consisted of one song per episode and over the past couple years racked up about 190 such episodes.  No voiceovers, no ads, no jingles.

Well bring on the jingles, because it’s time for The Podington Bear Show:  the radio DJ style show where P Bear  makes it up as he goes, sharing some of his latest tracks/compositions/ditties in a a 20-30 minute mix, every Friday.

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Vol 3: Ambient, 3 week $3 discog Sale

A couple months ago a made this batch of songs which I kinda liked. They are notable for being different from anything I’ve done before:  Ambient.  Now I’m thinking it’s time to set the audio free into the world, so voila, Sound of Picture Vol 3.

Download for free, or suggested donation in the HUSHshop.


Sound of Picture Vol 3 sampler mix

I also made videos for them. Here’s one for the first track, “Sad Cyclops”.

They can be seen in a continuous playlist here.

For more instrumental music consider downloading Vol 1 & 2; short, simple, melodic compositions to accompany photographs



Total bargain alert!  We’re having a special sale beginning today: That’s right: 3 albums (aged 3+ years) on sale for $3 each, for 3 weeks only! This will be a limited-time offer with rotating specials from the HUSH back catalog.  Available in the HUSHshop.

I’m going to be the guinea pig and step up to the plate with a sampling from my own discography over the years.  Beginning in 1997 we have my only canonical vocal solo release, entitled Portland, Or.  Jumping ahead to 2004, my band Blanket Music released Cultural Norms, maybe the snappiest offering from Yours Truly, and has the footnote distinction of breaking into the CMJ top 20.  Pitchfork spake thus:

Crouch understands the difference between getting in people’s faces, and inviting them to come to him… he easily could have erred in the other direction by pitching headlong into the cultural wars. Instead, he found a perfect balance, and this is his most compelling album.

Five years on, I’m not sure if I understand anything really, but I am inviting you to consider owning this artifact and judging for yourself.

Lastly, the short-lived Toothfairy mini album Formative is an interesting foray which looks back and forward simultaneously.   The lyrics paint a detailed pastiche of adolescence while the electronic palette is certainly an antecedent to Podington Bear, my outlet for instrumental ditties.

So, have a listen and consider for your collection.

Blanket Music - "Cultural Norms"

Blanket Music – “Cultural Norms” Sampler Mix

Chad Crouch - "Portland, Or."

Chad Crouch – “Portland, Or.” Sampler Mix

Toothfairy - "Formative"
Toothfairy – “Formative” Sampler Mix