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On Video

Many people have asked about using my music for their videos. I make my music free for any syncronization with any non-commercial video on the internet, and for works in film festivals, via a Creative Commons License. These are simply a couple of examples of work that I particularly admire.

This is a video for The Whitest Boy Alive’s (featuring Erlend Øye) standout track “Golden Cage”, illustrated and animated by Geoff McFetridge

Also in deservence of praise is the work of Australian director Stephen Watkins in his video series Backspace:


Episodes 1 and 2.

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This Just In: Podington Bear Considered

5.gifIn the P Bear news room:

On NPR’s Morning Edition: Recording a Song a Day, Every Day

And by coincidence, the same day on NPR .com, and via the popular podcast, All Songs Considered featured P Bear’s “Robot Park”.

And over the weekend, a telltale sign of gathering curiosity: #5 on the iTunes Music Podcast Chart. A new record!

And not least there’s a rumble in the forest of cyberspace from stumbleupon.com a site referring hundreds of to the front door of Podingtonbear.com. What is this stumbleupon? Did you find me with their help?

Coming soon: You can help me decide whether or not to make CDs…