Bear Bands

Bear Bands

Bear Band

Is it just me? Like you know how if you’re thinking about buying an old Volvo, suddenly the streets appear to be overrun with old Volvos.

Well, maybe because I’m a bear making music, suddenly every other band seems to have the word bear in their moniker. So I took a few minutes to do some research and hear are the stats:

Bands that have ‘bear’ in their name according to the top 200 results from’s music search and the iTunes Music Store: 53.

Number of bands on Myspace Music with ‘bear’ in their name: 892. (it should be known that this list includes many false positives like The Unbearables.)

Podcasts with ‘bear’ in their name on the iTunes Music Store: 2. The Bearfoot Hookers and yours truly, Podington.

Bearly any.

Artwork: “Bear Band” by Gemma Correll

The rollcall:

Art Bears
Avey Tare And Panda Bear
Base Ball Bear
Bear Children’s Choir
Bear Claw
Bear Country
Bear Creek
Bear In Heaven
Bear In The Blue House
Bear Vs. Shark
Big Bear
Big Bear Theory
Billy Horton Bear and The Essentials
Black Bear Crossing
Brother Bear
Cat’s a Bear
David Grover and the Big Bear Band
Digital Bear
Edward Bear
Fred Bear
Gary AKA Kelvin 296 Bear
Golden Bear
Great Bear
Great Bear Trio
Grizzly Bear
Honey Bear Klik
Huggy Bear
Jackal The Bear
Joe Bear
Kieth Bear
Lil’ Bear Singers
Lunar Bear Ensemble
Mark V. And Poogie Bear
Michael Searching Bear
Minus The Bear
Paddington Bear
Panda Bear
Papa Bear Band
Pappa Bear
Polar Bear
Poppa Bear Kool Breeze
Sand Bear
Silent Bear
Spirit Bear
Suga Bear
Sugar Bear
Ted D Bear
Teddy Bears
Tiger Bear Wolf
Volcano The Bear
Wake The Bear

  • Chloe

    02/28/2007 at 9:30 pm

    well, it should be known that youre the coolest out of the bear bands.

  • Rebecca o' the Unbearables

    04/30/2008 at 9:31 am

    It’s only slightly a false positive- we mispelled our band name on purpose because one of the guys in our band used to dress up in a bear suit and dance around at shows. True story. 🙂

    That was before the whole zombie thing….

  • Anonymous

    01/16/2011 at 3:03 am

    forgot solar bear

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