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Hi all, Okay, back to it after the holiday weekend. Here's a fresh one I hope you like.

Vol 3: Ambient, 3 week $3 discog Sale

A couple months ago a made this batch of songs which I kinda liked. They are notable for being different from anything I’ve done before:  Ambient.  Now I’m thinking it’s time to set the audio free into the world, so voila, Sound of Picture Vol 3. Download for free, or suggested donation in the HUSHshop. Sound of Picture...

I am Podington Bear.

Hello There. In the recent past I’ve been brief with the posts, but I suspect it will take a few words to get through this one. If you’re just joining us from Rocketboom or HUSH Records or someplace else and have come to see what the fuss is about, I hope you’ll feel welcome to kick back and...

On Rocketboom

I have been licensing tracks to Rocketboom for a while now, usually as bed music. In today’s episode, the video and music seem to dovetail with particularly nice results. Have a look. The track is “Pythagorean Theorem”

New P Bear Podcast: Sound of Picture!

Hello friends, Please turn your attention to a completely new music outlet for me: Sound of Picture Blog Sound of Picture Podcast (iTunes – click subscribe) The simple idea of Sound of Picture is to pair an original short composition with an original photograph in the hope that they enhance each other. The second idea is that this...


A “Best New Podcast of 2007” selection. “If you make music yourself, you’ll probably either feel inspired by or grow jealous of Podington Bear…I gave a listen, and the songs are not bad — inventive, not-in-your-face instrumental music that reminded me a bit of early-ish Mum.” -WIRED “Podington Bear may be heavily indebted to the Aphex Twins and...

Dim Dim

Ciao! Dim Dim is Jerry Bremmer from Belgium. His music is hyperactive, cartoony and humorous. His sonic palette includes sped up tropicalia rhythms, bright guitar, synths that sound like critters, and Casio-styled beats. You get the impression he could have a lucrative career as a Nintendo sound designer, but for the present he's giving the electronic underground a jolt of levity. My ode to Dim Dim has some critter-y sounds and a few good-humored surprises.

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem)

think these song portaits are kinda just exercises in imitation, perhaps, but I think I'm building my skillz and the byproduct is not lousy. Today's subject is James Murphy, the mastermind behind LCD Soundsystem. LCD Soundsystem's songs are built on grooves. On "All My Friends", Murphy bangs on one chord for seven minutes with stunning results. The songs themselves are simple and pure and never drop the beat. The palette is naturalistic--real drums, bass, guitar and super-tasteful synth. The trademark of the band is his stylized vocal delivery; brash, clever and smarmy. More recently he can be heard taking inspiration from David Bowie's <em>Stardust </em>grandeur. I couldn't help but throw a twirpy bridge in to this tune though, completely derailing it, just to mess up the coolness of it.

Thoughts on Music

[Dear Reader, below is an abridged version of the rather long original post which can be found here] About two weeks ago Steve Jobs, influential CEO of Apple Inc., did a rare thing. He issued a lengthy formal statement entitled “Thoughts On Music.” It was a lightening rod document, drawing criticism and praise from pop culture pundits, recording...

The Uncontainable Energy of YACHT

YACHT is Jona Bechtolt (Pronounced “John-ah”. Born Jonnal of Burns, Oregon if we are to believe his fantastic bio.) He’s widely recognized as a laptop mastermind, gaining a higher profile from the success of The Blow – Paper Televison for which he plays the role of production maestro / co-writer. In fact, writers have gone out of their...