Ep. 10: Music For Air Travel / Long Distance Love

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    11/23/2009at7:01 pm
  • Peterpiper

    12/23/2009at5:49 am

    Love your podcast, P-Bear. Last night it was thinking to myself it’s pretty cold and dark out these days and that it’s perfect weather for hibernating. Then I thought, Podington Bear ought to a podacst called Music for Hibernating sometime this winter. Just a thought.

  • Matt

    01/24/2010at12:32 pm

    Hi P-Bear!
    Love the podcast – I desperately want a copy of the Eric Sitti (sp?) Juneau Pidi #1 song…
    Not sure how to spell his name or the song’s name… HELP!

    Thanks for so many hours of listening pleasure!

  • Rafael Bellini

    01/28/2010at5:15 am

    Well Mr. P-Bear, unfortunatly I got to desagree with Mr. Peterpiper… I am here from distant Brazil listening your podcast in a completly sunshinning day and what I got to say is it really made me Air Travel in a Long Distant Love. I love it! Keep it comming sir…

  • admin

    02/14/2010at11:12 am


    A pay-what-you-want download of “Satie: Rearranged Furniture Music” can be found here: http://chadcrouch.bandcamp.com/

    It features 11 of Satie’s popular minimal early works with my arrangements.

  • shannon

    02/16/2010at2:53 pm

    Hello PBear.. just wanted to let you know that your music makes it so easy to connect thoughts and put them on paper. maybe inspires confidence?? anyhow.. keep it up!

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    06/22/2011at4:14 pm

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