Podington Bear

Podington Bear on This American Life TV, on the net.

This is just a post to let you know you can get a pretty good This American Life TV fix without paying the Showtime premium thanks to the internet:

Showtime is screening the complete first episode on their website:


This episode features my songs “Excape from LA” (sic) and “The Album Leaf” in the soundtrack.

Also, this dazzling animation by cartoonist extraordinaire Chris Ware and animator John Kuramoto features “Squirrel Commotion” in the second half. I’m just pleased as punch to have my music paired to these poigniant and amusing storylines and rich, vivid imagery.

Excape From LA (sic):

Excape from LA

The Album Leaf (from the artist portrait series album Homage Fromage):

The Album Leaf

Squirell Commotion:

Squirell Commotion

The grand total is 13 songs appearing in the 6 episode series. I guess there were five in the season closer, which I haven’t seen yet. Have you?

***update: I saw the last one hour episode, “John Smith” recently and think it’s one of the best 60 minutes of television I’ve ever seen.

New P Bear Podcast: Sound of Picture!


Hello friends,

Please turn your attention to a completely new music outlet for me:

Sound of Picture Blog

Sound of Picture Podcast (iTunes – click subscribe)

The simple idea of Sound of Picture is to pair an original short composition with an original photograph in the hope that they enhance each other. The second idea is that this will inspire people to make their own pairings with this music (in animations, YouTube videos, podcasts, films, slideshows, and so forth.)

Sound of Picture posts may be more experimental, atmospheric, abstract, brief, and simple than the tunes that I have made for the Modern Music Grower podcast. Nonetheless, I think you will find they make a satisfying, if different, playlist. If you like what you hear, I beg of you to leave a comment on iTunes, so it doesn’t look so sparse up in there.

I previously reported that there are only 5 more songs to go til I get to the ‘finish line’ for my Modern Music Grower podcast goal. Lots of people have asked if I’m retiring after that and I’ve thought of various options. In all honesty I can’t imagine not making new P Bear songs in a similar mold. So, yes, the show will go on, but the frequency of updates is completely without guarantee (as it has been for a wee bit now)

Lastly, I did my first phone interview. Basically I just ramble, and the audio quality does a pretty good job of masking my voice, but if you’re curious you can listen in at dailysplice.com


p bear

This American Life


‘allo folks.

Just got back from the This American Life Live via Satellite show. I’m absolutely thrilled to have my music associated with the top shelf creative work of Ira Glass and all the staff and contributors at the show. I’ve been a fan for a decade now, and it’s almost like a fairy tale to me to have Ira crediting me by (code)name. So, by request here is a list of songs that were used in the pre-show quiz thing, and under Ira’s commentary:

Squirell Commotion

Climbing The Mountain


Raccoon Family Robinson


Streetbeat Heat

Yip Yop

Elephants On Parade


Wednesday Night Flever (sic)


Zoot Suit

Sweet n’ Sour Sanich

Niagara Falls In A Raft

Depeche Mold

Kitty In The Window

You can navigate to long samples of these and 100+ more tunes in the sidebar over there.

My best advice (without being too much of a salesbear, if you’ll forgive the quick pitch) is to just order the box set if you feel like you can afford it, and like what you heard. It’s cheaper than iTunes ($3 an album) and it’s a nice compact keepsake chock full of delightful songs that work in the background and front. Good for the car, work, for cleaning the house, for home slideshows and movies, and more. If you’re not flush with 30 bones, or want to try before you buy, head on over to iTunes and download a few songs by subscribing to my podcast!

And if you’re up for it, feel free to leave a comment! OK.

-p bear over and out.

P Bear Update Bits


Just a few announcements.

1. One of my fave vlogs, Rocketboom, recently used one like half a dozen of my tunes as a soundbeds for their recent episodes. That Joanne is a charmer. Have a look.

2. I’ve just heard that P Bear songs are confirmed for the first four episodes of This American Life Season Two. They will be having a theatrical premiere in several cities. Here’s a trailer

3. HUSH Records will not only be releasing The End –the final installment from P Bear for the box set collection–but the box set itself in stores on June 24th. That’s the cover up yonder.

4. I’m counting down to posted song #149 as my finish line. (Adding the seven songs from The End brings the total to that magic 156. [52 weeks x 3 songs a week = 156]) That leaves only five more after today! (Sorry if some of you thought “Drunken Bees” was kind of a dud. I thought it was funny.)

ps. Keep in touch with me via the mailing list signup o’er there to your right.